NUOVO means new in Italy;
NEW in the rest of the world;
(N)UOVO means egg in Italy; a perfect symbol of something about to be born;
A NEST (niù in Friulian dialect) to fly from…

For 20 years we told many world stories through our collections.
The stories change every time because Niù has a nomadic and curious soul.
Travelling represents our creative dimension, and also our raison d’être.
In Africa our best projects were born and encounters were made that changed our vision of the world.
Over time we developed our “way” that – why not – makes us a bit different and special.
And above all, by growing up, we understood what we wanted to be and how we wanted to work.
Our “way” includes respect for world traditions, and appreciation for the “imperfect” beauty, so to say, of natural materials and hand crafted products.
And I am very proud of this.
I must say that Niù is a great team of people to whom I owe much. They are diverse but they all share with me the passion for doing things well (my strong tendency toward perfection is actually known to everyone).
This also applies to our commitment to environmental sustainability and responsibility vis-à-vis all those who chose to be part of the Niù family.
There are a lot of projects for the future and we will be glad to continue to share them with you in our very personal “way” and always with the curiosity that is part of our DNA.
There is still so much world to see and a bunch of stories to be told.

-Serena Cibischino