”In my life, everything keeps developing.“
Anja Schierholt

Ania Schierholt – serenity, strength, structure and style. Authentic designs that harmonise with the designer’s personality. The fabrics convey warmth and comfort, offering a practicality that pleases. Masterfully cut lines complement the female form and reveal a subtle sensuality. The flexibility to mix and match allows room for creativity – and beauty.

Ania Schierholt – simplicity that captures the eye. A look that defines and distinguishes. It is a vision with the ability to transform yet has an unchanging essence. This is the unique signature of Ania Schierholt.

promise of quality

The collection will be produced in premium-grade quality by certified suppliers based in the EU and Istanbul, two cities at the heart of the European textile industry. Ania Schierholt has clearly focused on medium-sized retailers.

We support our customers by consciously refraining from online retail.