promise of quality


The debates on climate protection and sustainability are omnipresent at the moment. The pressure to explain oneself is growing, also and especially in the fashion industry. In our view, the term sustainability is being used almost inflationarily and finally turns into a farce when even the low-cost brands PR strategically advertise with sustainable products and raw materials.

It is generally a good and important thing to raise and sensibilise our own environmental awareness – provided that our attitude towards it is still left to our own judgment.

We, too, give a lot of thought to how our work can contribute to making things a little better every day – with regard to our environment, but also to the ethical responsibility we all have.

Due to my own stylistic design language, my collections build on each other and can be combined beyond the season and are therefore durable. From our point of view, it is sustainable above all when products have a long usage and service life. We only produce on demand and almost nothing is thrown away: We donate waste material to schools or we recycle.

We are a small and therefore very familial company, as well as our high-quality production plants in Poland and Hungary, which we know personally, from the owners to the sewers. These companies can only be successful because they pay their employees well above the valid minimum wage and thus keep their promise of quality.

For us it is extremely important that we have the shortest possible ways in everything we do. Our shootings do not take place in distant countries, but in Stuttgart. We work almost entirely with models from the Stuttgart region. Even the printing of the catalogue is done in the Stuttgart region.

We use materials that contain high-quality polyester – that‘s what I stand for, because hardly any other fibre combines durability, comfort and easy care so perfectly – and my customers appreciate and love that too.

Let‘s get a little better every day without getting crazy.

Yours, Anja Schierholt

”In my life, everything keeps developing.“
Anja Schierholt

Ania Schierholt – serenity, strength, structure and style. Authentic designs that harmonise with the designer’s personality. The fabrics convey warmth and comfort, offering a practicality that pleases. Masterfully cut lines complement the female form and reveal a subtle sensuality. The flexibility to mix and match allows room for creativity – and beauty.

Ania Schierholt – simplicity that captures the eye. A look that defines and distinguishes. It is a vision with the ability to transform yet has an unchanging essence. This is the unique signature of Ania Schierholt.