EHTIROS means Passion in Uzbek, and it is on this very great passion for textiles and traditional history that this project settles down its roots. Apart from tickling your curiosity about Central Asia and its treasures, we aim to translate a little part of the ancient Silk Road multi-ethnic history into a joyful garment of elegance, giving the possibility to look smart and classy in a very easy and fast way.

We engage to preserve the authentic know-how for the processing of raw materials, including the traditional bath of natural colours, to guarantee the unique effect of our textiles design transparency. For instance, the silk and cotton wires are first washed in natural, bright colours, and then twisted with antique machineries, following the traditional patterns inherited by the many cultures that passed along the ancient path of the Silk Road. The products are then entirely hand sewn according to our directions in order to make each garment a unique piece.
Centuries of travels and cultural exchanges shaped the myth of the Great Silk Road, a myth that today as never before still has a great story to tell, a myth that inspires issues on the faint balance between integration and conflict.

Some of the keywords with which EHTIROS fashion concept interprets this myth are optimism, mildness, ease and velocity. Therefore each collection tries find the perfect colour to convey the right mood for every occasion, to make women feel always dynamically elegant wearing an original and classy garment that adapts to the intense rhythm of our society.